Answer: The Favorite Food Source for Wild Turkeys and Waterfowl


  • Simple to grow in a wide range of soil types
  • Acclimated to regions across the United States
  • An important, high-energy food for game birds that attracts them to your  property and ultimately keeps them there
  • Also used for bait in carp fishing
  • Used to make horchata, a beverage predominately produced and  enjoyed in Spain



The Basics

Chufa is a bunch grass with a peanut-like underground nut used for food plots  of deer, turkey and wild hogs. This sedge is very similar to peanuts, if you have  ever seen hogs rooting peanuts, they go after chufas the same way. Plant in  spring through summer. Wildlife digs up the chufas once they mature, usually  in late fall when other food sources are slim. This is how the magic of chufa works, by providing a winter and early spring  food source for turkeys. Chufa will pull and hold turkeys to your property in the  time of the year flocks break up in an effort to find food. Plain and simple, chufa is the most preferred food source and one of the most  popular crops planted for wild turkeys and waterfowl


The Specifics

Cyprus Knee Chufa is a sedge, Cyperus Esculentus, L. Var. Sativus. It is an  African variety of the native nutsedge and is a warm season, annual plant. Chufa is high in carbohydrates and protein. This makes Chufa an ideal food  source for overwintering waterfowl after a chufa plot is flooded.





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